Organic orange peels. What to do with them.

There is a good reason why you shouldn't throw away your orange peels, especially if you buy organic fruit. Orange peel has a great cleaning properties, can be turned into en excellent sweet treat, or cold medicine, and some other uses will surprise you for sure!

Oranges need to be well washed, even if they are organic, you should give then a good scrub with natural cleaner that can remove the pesticides and wax off of your fruits (can use same formula for cleaning veggies). Just mix a glass of water + 1/4 glass of apple cider + 2 table spoons of baking soda + 1 lemon juice.

Use it in a spraying bottle, keep refrigerated. Spray your washed fruits and veggies as needed, the mixture will clean it from pesticides and wax. No need to wash it off. 

10 cool DIY ORANGE PEEL ideas:

1. Orange peel can be used to clean stainless steel sink. Wash the sink and rub it with the outside part of the orange peel. It will remove any hard to clean stains and leave a pleasant smell.

2. Dropping orange peel into a sugar bag will prevent it from clumping.

3. Fresh peels can be hanged on a string to scare mosquitoes away. 

4. Fresh peel left at night in your shoes will successfully remove unpleasant odor. 

5. Add fresh peels to your bath for relaxing effect and pleasant fragrance.

6. Fresh peel sprinkled with salt can be placed in your fridge to remove unpleasant smell.

7. Oranges generally are great for weight loss. Make a simple orange tea: 
peels from 6 oranges need to be slowly boiled for 30 minutes in about 8 glasses of water (you can add juice as well if you like). Drink your tea every morning before breakfast - cold or warm. Keep in refrigerator.  

8. Make your all purpose orange cleaner:
Place into a jar peels of oranges (you can also add lemons) and put enough apple cider to cover. Put aside for 10 days. Place the liquid into a spraying bottle. You can us it to remove stains from fabrics before wash, to clean marble counters, ceramics tiles, and other surfaces. 

9. Orange peel is a very good  source of vitamin C, and an excellent honey - orange syrup will fight the cold and infections. This recipe will be well liked by the kids because its sweet :). It works best when accompanied by spices and herbs. 
What you need to do:
- Clean your oranges and slice them or cube them (you can use lemons, tangerines, limes as well)
- Place part of your fruit in a jar, add one or more of your favorite herbs (rosemary, mint, sage, thyme, wild rose petals) as well as spices (cardamon, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric).
- Pour honey over the part of fruit / spice mixture and repeat adding layers until your jar is 3/4 full. At the end fill it up with honey. 
- Put aside for about 4 hours. After that your syrup is ready. Keep it in refrigerator and use it for colds, cough, soar trout and to bust immune system. 

May your day be bright orange.


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