"How to be a bawse" by Lilly Singh

After reading this book I can say with confidence - I am on my way to become a kick - ass BAWSE! You can too.
But what on earth is a bawse?

BAWSE is a person who exudes confidence, hustles relentlessly, reaches goals, get hurt efficiently, and smiles genuinely because he or she has fought through it all and made it out the other side.

Lilly Singh wrote an ultimate guide to conquering life. Not another self-help book to feel good for a moment. There is no catchy phrases, overused spiritual quotes and feel good new age-y formulas. This is get your sleeves up and get to work, girl type of book. Lilly tutors us how to be an amazing successful person in fun, honest and simple way. She has got through all the stages of becoming her own best version. And she hasn't say the last word yet. Known best as a IIsuperwomanII to those who watch her highly popular YouTube channel, Lilly sweated, kicked and work her ass off on the way to fame and now she shares her experiences with us, the future bowses. Stick to the process and you will win (even if you loose few times on the way). She is honest, super sweet, has a great writing style and uses abbreviations that I have no bloody clue what they mean, but I love this book non the less.

Another great aspect of this book is its visual part. It is simply pretty, well designed and fun to work with. Chapters are short, which for us - the short attention span folks - that's a great news. Each chapter is illustrated with a photograph that helps to visually memorize the lesson.  The paper is of high quality, colors speak out and things worth remembering are highlighted, emphasized and bold! FUN! FUN! FUN!

My favorite chapters:
Be anapologetically yourself - a new refreshing look at the old worn out phrase - by yourself. 

Know the Game - don't take life too personally. Everyone plays their own game of life and getting indignant about someone else's rules not applying to yours won't help. Act with rationality, not emotions. And know you own game, so you can act in your best interest.

Protect your Vision - how often do we give up our vision because someone said it is impossible, the circumstances weren't favorable or we believed we just can't do it? Don't settle for smaller, easier, less satisfying goals? That's not what bawse does. 

I will leave you with that:

Talk to you soon, your Bawse - Pati Parvati


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